OHSAS 18001

”ZERO HARMS” with Le Grand Baldew N.V. & Buscovery Tours Inc.

Le Grand Baldew N.V. and Buscovery Tours Inc. may use the OHSAS 18001certificate for a period of 3 years. Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the international certification bureau that carried out the recertification in the past for ISO 9001, has again made its services available to these organizations on july 31st 2013.  DNV is under supervision of the international council of accreditation through which the certificate is acknowledged worldwide.

Health & Safety
With the ever increasing traffic intensity in the city and in the districts, the risk to traffic accidents also continues rising. Therefore, it is also a challenge for the company to transport its cients to their place of destination as safe as possible. Within he framework of certification it is then important that the personnel at Le Grand Baldew & Buscovery Tours meet the international safety standards used by DNV. Continuous improvement of the processes and the always emphasizing and encouraging of a safety culture within the company guarantee skilled trained personnel. Regular inspections by internal and external auditors must see to it that the safety of  equipment, personnel and clients remain guaranteed.

Defensive Driving
The drivers in Le Grand Baldew en Buscovery Tours’ service undergo regular training sessions in defensive driving whereby assertiveness is central.  Sudden occurring dangers must be avoided by the drivers through resolute action by the driver. Besides this, the driver must avoid stress and tiredness situations so that he remains fit for his task. Regular medical examinations must see to it that with possible risks, preventive measures can be taken.  The drivers are trained regularly in First Aid and Fire Prevention.

Since 1965 the founder of this family company, Mr. Willem Baldew, together with his co-workers, have done their very best to make transport on the road reachable for everybody and comfortable at the same time, with special attention to safety and comfort, whereby ”zero harms” (no accidents) are central.

Third-party insurance
The bus company has a clear vision where it wants to go and is continuously looking for its options and chances in the market. The ISO 9001:2008 certificate is not only related to transporting persons and goods, but also carrying out tours, both domestically and abroad. Le Grand Baldew and Buscovery Tours are one of the few companies in Suriname with a third-party insurance whereby the coverage largely meets the requirements of the critical consumer.

Guyana trail
Suriname, together with its neighboring countries, French Guyana and Guyana are interesting product for these markets. Therefore, Buscovery Tours wants to emphasize the 3 Guyanas as one joint attractive destination, namely for the North American market. For some time now, all-in tours have been to the highlights of French Guyana; Devil’s Island and Kourou coupled with a day shopping in Cayenne, certainly a popular arrangement. Guyana with its famous Kaieteur Falls and daily trips are often on the programme.