About us

In 1948 the river transport services between Albina and St.Laurent in French Guyana was maintained, using a small boat. But as time went on, the demand for road transport was felt. Using a Ford bus fitted with wooden benches, road transport started in 1958 providing services from Albina to Moengo. Passengers would then continue their journey to Paramaribo by a government boat, the ‘Paramaribo’.

Le Grand Baldew, a leading transport company in Suriname, is investing to play its part in contributing to the realisation of Suriname as an authentic tourism destination.

By 1964, the East-West road linking the bauxite-minig village of Moengo with Paramaribo was completed, so that Le Grand Baldew’s services could also expand. In the meantime, the links with French Guyana also increased and effectively started when the European Commission began constructing its rocket-launching base in Kourou. In cooperation with the French Guyanese transport company Yves Prevot goods and people were transported. That way the Surinamese transport Company gained its recognition in French Guyana.

Le Grand Baldew also got itself involved in the transportation of tourists to the launching base in Kourou. From 1980, Le Grand Baldew was visibly a regular phenomenon on the road leading from Rochambeau airport in French Guyana to Paramaribo, as it transported tourists and surinamese who reside in the Netherlands and who chose to reach their fatherland through Paris aboard Air France. This, Le Grand Baldew did in co-operation with the very well known bus transport entrepreneur and tour operator Sinai.

But since Suriname’s independence in 1975, Le Grand Baldew has been very active in providing transport in the interior of Suriname, especially in West Suriname, as many development projects in the framework of the Dutch development aid were being implemented. These included the railway in Apoera, but also minig activities in the Bakhuys region in west Suriname. The company managed to go as far as the road network permitted them, even up to Amotopo at the Lucie river.

Indeed Le Grand Baldew featured conspicuously in the transport of tourists to such places as Brownsberg, Blanche Marie Vallen and Albina.
In 1992 after the peace settlement in Kourou Le Grand Baldew was actively involved in the repatriation of the surinamese refugees from St.Laurent to Moengo.

For more than three decades Le Grand Baldew has performed as a family business. But for obvious reasons the need to change into a corporation arose with the consequense that in 1996, the company became a limited liability company in which the shares are held by the family.